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Taizhou Fenggong Greenhouse Equipment Co., Ltd. is a research and development and production technology enterprise. Our company provides all the equipment needed for the construction of modern greenhouses and livestock houses, and has been leading the development direction of the production of mechanical and electrical products in agricultural facilities in China.

Our company has established a systematic quality inspection and tracking system to produce products with high reliability and high stability, giving you 100% quality assurance.

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Stable, safe and reliable
  • More energy efficient
  • Using degradable materials
  • Our film winders have excellent insulation
  • Using advanced seals, long aging resistance
  • Quality assurance, two-year warranty
  • We have perfect after-sales service


Quality assurance

We have high-quality and sophisticated equipment to ensure that we produce high-quality products to meet customer needs! We will continue technological innovation! Establish and maintain a quality management system and insist on improvement. Strive to achieve a true defect-free product!

Production Testing


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